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The attorneys of Harmeyer Law Group often submit legal briefs and/or articles about current topics and/or relevant legal issues.  HLG has extensive experience in warranty law, products liability, insurance and indemnity.  HLG strives to keep its clients and the general public up to date on current issues in the law.

Amicus Curiae Brief on Negligent Entrustment and Negligent Hiring - Diaz v. Carcamo

Jeff G. Harmeyer wrote an extensive Amicus Curiae brief in the Supreme Court case of Diaz v. Carcamo related to whether negligent hiring provides an opportunity for plaintiffs to circumvent the protections of Section 1104 whenever a motor vehicle accident involves an employee driver, and whether negligent hiring is ever an independent tort cause of action requiring separate allocation of comparative negligence.

A copy of Mr. Harmeyer's Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of JELD-WEN, inc. an California Trucking Association can be found here.